Our trainees will learn…

This is a 2 week syllabus that has been created for Down syndrome youngsters in Iceland.

Week 1: Introduction to Mime

Class 1:

Welcome and icebreakers.

Introduction to mime as a form of non-verbal expression.

Basic miming techniques: walking, gestures, and facial expressions.

Class 2:

Review basic techniques.

Introduce simple mime scenarios (e.g., interacting with imaginary objects).

Group activities to encourage collaboration.

Class 3:

Progress to more complex mime exercises.

Begin exploring emotions through mime.

Individual and group expression exercises.

Class 4:

Continue emotion exploration.

Introduction to mime storytelling.

Group storytelling exercises.

Class 5:

Recap learned techniques.

Individual and group improvisation.

Feedback session.

Week 2: Application and Performance

Class 6:

Review and refine mime techniques.

Introduce the concept of character development.

Group exercises for creating mime characters.

Class 7:

Develop short mime scenes with characters.

Practice and refine scenes.

Peer feedback session.

Class 8:

Finalize mime scenes.

Rehearse for the upcoming performance.

Address any individual challenges.

Class 9:

Dress rehearsal for the performance.

Fine-tune scenes and provide guidance.

Build confidence and teamwork.

Class 10:

Mime performance showcase.

Celebrate achievements and provide positive feedback.

Group reflection on the journey.

Remember to adapt based on the participants’ progress and preferences. 

Enjoy the journey of creativity and expression!

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