How the project works

1 it’s a musical theater project which takes place in Iceland and it aims at Down syndrome youngsters.

2 The youngsters will be trained by 6 Catalan actors and actresses.

3 In the beginning, it will start in Reykjavik.

4 Later on, it will move to other places in Iceland.

5 The team includes a doctor and a social worker, to cater for everybody’s needs.

6 The youngsters will be trained in groups of 12 during 2 weeks in sessions of 2 hours each.

7 There will be a show at the end of each course especially created for the group.

8 Patterson family are invited to attend all the shows and training sessions.

9 There will be a video recording of all the work being done and there will be a live broadcast for each show.

10 There will be an electronic magazine especially designed for this project.

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