Icelandic and Catalan staff

The project of musical theatre will require 14 people, some  of them working full time and some of them working part-time.

Most of them will be Catalan and the rest will be Icelandic.

This is the list of the staff required:

1 Six actors or actresses completely involved in teaching tasks.

2 One keyboard player.

3 One doctor, to deal with all health issues.

4 One social worker, to deal with all social issues.

5 Two technicians.

One will deal with broadcasting and video and the other one with computer programming.

6 One part-time budget controller, to make sure that money is well spent.

7 Two occasional singers, working once every 2 months, to take part in the shows.

8 Two language creators, to  write scripts for the shows and to make sure that the communication flow among all the staff participating in the project is adequate.

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