Chamber of Commerce

And now, let me tell you why we are getting in touch with this Chamber of Commerce to see if you can help us to reach as many Icelandic companies as possible.

Our NGO would like to build a cooperation relationship between both our countries, that is Catalonia and Iceland.

It’s about training youngsters with Down syndrome in Iceland in musical theater and mime.

Our NGO would like to offer to all Icelandic companies the opportunity of taking part in a social marketing campaign.

Social marketing will engage all Icelandic companies into projecting an image of care and  concern towards the society who generally buys their products.

With unwavering determination and a positive outlook, we are poised to conquer any challenge that comes our way and achieve remarkable success.

The concept is something  between traditional advertising and a social project.

In the near future the collateral advantages for Icelandic companies will be as follows:

1 Science and tourism. Mainly exchanges between health professionals 

2 Virtual communication venues between young Icelandic students and Catalan communicators.

3 Water engineering venues.

4 Literary venues and tourism.

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