A letter to all Icelanders

Dear fellow Icelanders,

In the dance of life, there are places that capture our hearts effortlessly.

Iceland, you are my poetic muse, a land kissed by nature’s artistry. As I pen these words, it’s with a heart entangled in the enchantment of your majestic landscapes and the warmth of your spirited people. 

Let this letter be a love song to the soul-stirring beauty of Iceland and the harmonious symphony we can create together.

We have only one objective.

Felicitatis Comedia’s vision for settling in Iceland with a musical theatre project for teenagers with Down syndrome is truly inspiring. By embracing the whole Down syndrome population and involving parents, the initiative not only fosters artistic growth but also creates a supportive community. Imagining these talented youngsters perfecting their skills and eventually securing jobs is a heartening prospect. With a target of 600 people in a year, the potential to expand and positively impact more lives is boundless. Witnessing all students actively participating in various venues promises a future filled with joy, accomplishment, and inclusivity.

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