Cost estimate

Making a good cost estimate is not an easy task.

It requires the outlining of the main expenses without forgetting anything.

If there is a surplus, it can be carried over to next year’s budget.

Cost estimate  for 600 students

-Six actors on a full-time basis.

-Two language creators / Down syndrome specialists.

-One doctor on a full-time basis.

-One social worker on a full-time basis.

-Two technicians on a part-time basis.

-One musician on a part-time basis.

-Two singers on a part-time basis.

-Three microphones.

-A domestic video camera.

-Makeup and clothes for the youngsters.

-A medium size keyboard. 

-Three portable PC and three tablets.

-Air tickets for our six actors twice a year.

-Renting 3 flats for our six actors working in Iceland.

-Renting a space for rehearsals and shows.

-Renting a minivan for occasional transport.

-Buying small presents for 600 youngsters.

-A short radio advertising campaign in order to know about the project.

The final amount will be decided as soon as we know the number of companies that would like to participate in the project and the degree of participation of the Icelandic Government.

We can anticipate, however, that the fee can be really low simply because we are sure that many companies will want to participate in the project.

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