The topics of our Practicums

Our Practicums

They are an amazing experience for both audience and speakers. 

To start with,  there will be 30 speakers,  during five exciting days,  who will keep your eyes wide open.

The speakers (doctors,  pharmacists, engineers and so on)  will analyze Jules Verne’s master piece,  20.000 leagues of sea travel and other similar books.

But it is not a literary analysis, but a scientific one.

Science fiction books offer unlimited possibilities to talk about medicine, biology, engineering, geography, nutrition, etc.

The communications will be fully professional and very attractive to both teenagers and adults.

And what is it in store? you may ask.

We will continue offering the very best of science fiction, such as Isaac Asimov and many others.

And this is why we call our sessions Science and Fiction, simply because some things are real and some are not.