Engineering and medicine. The Mac Gyver Project

We have named this part of our project as Mac Gyver,  the protagonist of a very popular action movie series in 1985.

A secret agent or an engineer? 

Perhaps both. 

Well… And what is all this idea about? 

At school,  we have been taught to read and write,  but perhaps not so much to speak and listen. 

We want to help both medical and engineering professionals to deliver unforgetable communications. 

These two abilities are key factors in delivering a good speech. 

Our International Communications Training Scheme for Catalan engineering  and medical staff consists of the following:

1 Developing a positive and pleasant attitude when speaking to their audience. 

2 Brushing up their scientific reading comprehension skills in English. 

3 Improving their oral skills in English. 

4 Making a good Powerpoint presentation. 

5 Providing them with an excellent written translation of their communication. 

6 Fix up the best simultaneous translation there is. 

7 Procure our communicators with an all purpose Language Spin Doctor Service. 

8 Make sure that the communication is quite unforgetable.